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Cerro Negro Orange Farm


Property Description

Discover the agricultural gem of Cerro Negro, Guanacaste with this expansive 36-hectare orange farm now available for sale. This well-maintained property presents an incredible opportunity for those seeking to enter or expand their presence in the agricultural industry.

Situated in the fertile lands of Guanacaste, known for its ideal climate and fertile soil, this orange farm is a haven for citrus cultivation. With its vast expanse, you'll have ample space to cultivate and harvest a bountiful crop of high-quality oranges. The farm is equipped with efficient irrigation systems, ensuring optimal water supply to nurture your plants and maximize yield.

The location of this farm is truly advantageous. Nestled in Cerro Negro, you'll enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the region while still being within reach of essential amenities. The panoramic views of rolling hills and lush greenery create a serene backdrop for your agricultural pursuits.

The farm comes with various infrastructure and facilities to support your operations. These include storage facilities for equipment and harvest, a packing area, and employee accommodations. With the existing infrastructure in place, you can seamlessly continue operations or expand your enterprise.

Cerro Negro, Guanacaste offers a favorable market for citrus products, with high demand both domestically and internationally. Capitalize on the growing popularity of fresh, high-quality oranges and establish your position in this thriving industry. The farm's size and productive capabilities ensure significant revenue potential.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own a flourishing orange farm in Cerro Negro, Guanacaste. Whether you're an experienced agricultural entrepreneur or a visionary investor, this property holds immense promise and long-term profitability. The land is priced competitively at $5 dollars per square meter.

Contact us today to explore more about this exceptional 36-hectare orange farm and embark on a fruitful agricultural venture in Guanacaste!




36 hectares




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Provincia de Guanacaste, Cerro Negro, Costa Rica

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